Our preoccupation starts with a notion of an oscillation in scale. A movement back and forth in human and non-human living. We do not see scale as size alone, scale is seen as typology-sets of thinking. We think the community as an idea, is the center, or at least somewhere near the center of the spectrum of human and non-human living. Living together is where living really starts. So in our journey and search, we pivot at different points; first to the level of community, then outwards into larger forms, or inwards to the unitary architecture called ‘body’ that houses the soul. But these shifts are just the beginning. They usher in two worlds connected inextremely complicated ways: the rural and the urban. In the beginning of communal living there was no rural or urban, there was just living. Physical changes of the planet and the trajectory of humankind’s complex social activity, led to more ambitious experimentations of living. We invented the city and as a result, its allotrope. Or maybe the city was here all along with us…in us, and it was the city that invented us as urban dwellers.

Our thought, orchestration and building of architecture and art across scales engages the idea of the complicated relationship
between the rural and the urban, be it be bold or surreptitious.