The pavilion leverages on two years of IDP research by ACID to present in physical space; the phenomenology of conflict in Nigeria in the past decade. The series of conflict at various parts of the country are represented by wooden poles placed strategically at scaled points corresponding to actual locations in the country. The height of each pole is directly proportional to the number of reported violence-based conflict occurrences in a particular area. An extra pole is made in Borno for the Baga killings which has claimed more lives than mostareas combined. The pole is a monument in itself with a force line unique to it. The poles are then connected by rope using a wound-and-pull method. The rope connects in progression series of occurrences at successive points. This means an occurrence at points of escalation. The escalation is determined by the largest spike in the death, injury and displacement rate in the series of conflict events around a particular area. Therefore, the path of the rope through the ‘cluster’ of poles lays out a narrative of conflict events.