The Sprachbibliotek or “Language Library” project transforms a very small space of 39 sqm into a purpose-flexible library to study the German language right in the heart of Lagos.

The library serves as part of a tutorial system organised by the German Government’s Goethe Institute to teach people the German language at various levels. Being situated in Lagos, the library not only teaches language, but also creates a synergy and exchange of culture knowledge between Lagosians (and at wide—Nigerians) and Germans. This educative synergy is deployed in the signature furniture, the spatiality, the materiality and the art.

The library is designed for certain flexibility scenarios that create opportunities for the space to be reimagined as a classroom or a tech hub. The flexibility is worked into the entire space, from the shifting cubes of the shelves, to the re-deployable side benches. The benches also feature cushions upholstered using colourful adire fabric. Wall murals inspired by traditional festivals, public space and cultures from both countries adorn the white walls within the space and offer a visual contrast to both the plain nature of the walls and the minimalist geometry of the furniture.