The Nasir Residence, a small house for a new couple in Ogbomoso.  This half of the project in collaboration with 3D Trance is first in a plan of 2 houses. 102 members of cylindrical mahogany wood define the inside of the outside and the outside of the inside of the residence. The Nasir Residence is ‘peacefully haunted’. Some of the wooden cylinders are flutes which blow a ‘tioko’ tune (traditional in Ogbomoso) upon wind action. The flute voids can be blocked when the sounds are not needed. The elements evoke a contemporary narrative of a typical experience of a hunter-farmer-family man status in Ogbomoso from 2 centuries back, sentiments that define the homeowners. This infestation of sound and vegetation in an eluding space transcript attempts to comment on the spirit of the Ogbomoso farmer-hunter household through time.