The Redeeming Hope Christian Centre is planned as a church for the city but in a neighbourhood’s context. The site is expected to contain a fully functioning church as its main component. This document shows architecture drawings developed for the church. The idea is centered around the splitting/tearing of the curtain upon the death of Jesus on the cross which signified a moment that ushered in free passage to God the father. The project celebrates an incongruity of detachments, tears, splits that act as exact opposites as an ushering of freedom. All may come to the father through Jesus. The splitting of the curtain brings connection to all. Connections are investigated in various subtle geometries that echo one of the ethos that drives the sense of community in the church. The project addresses topics of shepherding and it recalibrates the position of shepherd and sheep as the former serving the latter. This in contrast to the emerging mainstream idea of pastors being over-positioned to be served fully by the congregation. The design challenges this notion by flipping the social arrangement, thereby positioning the pastor as the carer of the sheep through God.