The world is getting increasingly urban and 60% of all the cities of the world by 2100 do not even exist yet. As humans, we continue to make, unmake and remake civilisation. In our practice we observe, as cities become town-like and towns become cities. Our thought, orchestration and building of architecture and art across scale engages the idea of the complicated relationship between the rural and the urban, be it be bold or surreptitious. We philosophically shuttle these realms economically, socially, and physically. Our practice is based on continuously finding the relationship of the rural and the urban and where they are going with their stories. More importantly; the place of humans and animals in the tale of all existence. This is why we are RUBAN. Our work is in three spaces: The rural, the space remembers itself and pours into the city. The Urban: the current biggest experiment of humankind. The Ruban: a space influx, undecided, in partial equilibrium where the rural and the urban seek to exist, in collaboration or competition.

We think the community as an idea, is the center, or at least somewhere near the center of the spectrum of human and non-human living…Living together is where living really starts.